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Fun Extra's for A Highlander Never Surrenders

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Cast Of Characters
The day Graham Grant came to Grand Central





  • Reel Around the Sun by Bill Whelan
  • Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
  • Wallace Song  by Clan Wallace
  • Caoineadh Cu Chulainn by Bill Whelan
  • Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Atholl Highlanders by Scott Cawthorn-Weavers of the Tartan
  • Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls
  • River Of Gems by Davy Spillane

Full Cover

Cast Of Characters

    Graham Grant/Chris Capaldi~Commander of the Clan MacGregor and constant source of happiness to wenches from Skye to Stirling.
    Claire Stuart/Anna Kournikova~Royalist rebel and cousin to the exiled king.
    Robert Campbell/Daniele Liotti~Graham's friend and Earl of Argyll
    Anne Stuart/Claire Danes~ Claire's sister
    James Buchanan/Dougray Scott~ Best friend to Claire and her family
    Angus MacGregor/Nils Waerstad~ Cousin to the MacGregor Chieftain and still a slave to whisky.
    Connor Stuart~Leader of the Royalist resistance and brother to Claire and Anne
    Graham Grant Claire Stuart Robert Campbell




    Anne Stuart James Buchanan Angus MacGregor


    Heather D. sees Maggie as Jordana Brewster, and Christianne of PA sees Angus like this.
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    The day Graham Grant came to Grand Central

    Dear Readers,

    Few authors get to see their characters come to life before their eyes, but I did. You met Graham Grant, the hero in A HIGHLANDER NEVER SURRENDERS (on sale now), in my previous release, LAIRD OF THE MIST. I met him in Grand Central Terminal. The Scottish Village hosts a fashion show that was about to begin. I like kilts. I’ll watch.

    Donning a kilt of black leather and matching jacket that he held closed at his chest, model and former rugby star, Chris Capaldi stepped onto the stage like he owned it. His tousled mop of deep amber hair eclipsed killer green eyes that sparkled with confidence and a hint of wickedness. All he did was smile and a horde of women behind me started whooping and cheering in a dozen different languages. Oh yeah, he knew the ladies were digging him and he fed the frenzy by sliding the jacket off his bare bronze shoulders and curling his sulky mouth into a grin so salacious I swear every woman in attendance sighed at the same time. Grand Central was never so hot.

    There was my Graham Grant. Six feet three inches of pure rogue.

    Chris has graciously agreed to star in my next Grand Central Publishing release about a notorious rogue and a beautiful rebel he can never have. From the moment Graham meets the bold and passionate Claire Stuart, he wants to take her, claim her. But Claire has far more dangerous undertakings ahead than surrendering to a wickedly alluring Highlander. Amidst betrayal, honor, duty, and ultimately love, she must put this vision in his place in order to save her sister’s life, and her own. Pick up a copy of A HIGHLANDER NEVER SURRENDERS and journey with Graham to a place that has remained untouched until now—his heart.


    See more pictures of Chris on my Fun Stuff page.